Namaste everyone and welcome!

Yoga is an extraordinary journey and I am deeply grateful for all the teachers (in the form of formal teachers, students, family and  friends) I have encountered.

To me yoga is synonymous with transformation.  A transformation that is paradoxical for it asks us to both develop and embrace the human and the spiritual in all of us, from our bare soles to our bare souls and everything in between.

Yoga is not a fix:  it is a breathing, living inquiry into the nature of who we are, in body, mind and spirit.   To begin, all we need is a willingness to learn from and trust our direct experience.

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Refresh and Renew JourneyDanceTM
with Linda Ugelow

Saturday, April 4th

Yoga Live
with flutist Deanna Johnson

Friday, April 10th

Ecstatic Spring Drumming Ceremony
with master drummer Laney Goodman

Saturday, April 11th

Yoga for Happy Feet!
with Susan Chorman

Saturday, May 2nd

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