"How can I thank you? I had tears of joy after your online class today. You provide all of us with such living, healing and grounding energy....thank you! Thank you again for being a bright light in my life."
L. M.
  "Thank you, Nadia! Great private session and tools!"
L. Z.
  "So thankful for this community and these classes and so excited I can now attend more of them!"      
K. K.
  "We all know what a wonderful teacher Nadia is. What we didn't know is that her warmth and energy are so extraordinary that they can penetrate cyberspace. My zoom class with her was as personal and connected as the live version. I highly recommend taking advantage of this option!"
N. O.
  "I'm so glad I have the steady presence of yoga in my life, specifically the time I spend in your studio with you as a wonderful teacher, and all the students who make up our community. Very special."
C. C.
  I wanted to tell how grateful I am to be a part of your classes. My mind and body feel so good after class and beyond. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift."
L. M.
  "Dear Nadia, Thank you for the wonderful weekly newsletter, as always!! I should say, since I routinely refresh my email, I love to save this and read it when I actually have the time to enjoy it fully. It’s such a nice reminder to become present in my off the mat practice."
Y. S.
  "Thank you Nadia for a wonderful private session today. It was perfect in every respect, and my mom is very much looking forward to coming back. You handled everything beautifully, and it was a very relaxing meaningful time for her. I really appreciate your help, understanding, and patience."
H. H.
  "Hi Nadia, I found the class welcome, and will plan to join on Wednesday and for the meditation class. Overall the quality of the sound and visual projection was very good. There were a few instances when your voice faded or became distorted, but these were minimal. Again, thank you so much for giving us this option. I spend so much time hunched over a computer that I didn't think I would like an online connection, but this was a good experience! Take care."
  "I can’t even put into words how wonderful I regard your teachings, your yoga classes, and your intuitive wisdom, Nadia. I am so grateful to the Universe that I have met you. I look forward to your yoga classes each week, and leave feeling more alive and peaceful in my body, mind, and spirit after each class. You are an inspiration to me!"
B. Y.
  "You have always been an inspiration to me. Your beauty, kindness, sensitivity and your bubbling confident spirit provide guideposts to me for how I hope to bring myself forth to the world as well. Thank you for living your yoga and passing the dharma on to all you meet. Your pristine and sacred studio in Carlisle has held me many times in self discovery and renewal."
D. H.
  "Dear Nadia, It was so good to be back in your studio with your heart full teaching. I travel far and wide and attend all kinds of yoga classes, but yours is home. What a gift you have of rooting us to the natural world. I loved how you kept reminding us today how the mind wants to rush around. Not here. Slow down. Such a good reminder."
B. O.
  "B's shoulder continues to be amazingly without pain! We both are so appreciative of the research you did on this -- a far cry from the sixty seconds of actually implementing it! You are so caring and thoroughly professional, and we are in awe and gratitude!"
M. T.
  "Thank you for all. Classes Very grounding.
Your work ripples out
as I support
Clients working in med, grocery industry
People layed off from restaurants
Business owners making very difficult decisions
Elderly or extroverts shut in
Med staff fearful for health
Feeling inexpressible gratitude"
V. M.
Nadia Puttini o nadia@baresoleyoga.com